Monday, May 10, 2010

Christophine in 2010

Blame it on the devil. Easier that way.
Blame it on bad choices and she the apostasy.
Send her to therapy, blame it on abuse.
Send her to doctor, blame it on genetics,
But what the use? Nobody got it easy
And nobody got it right. She a woman,
Is she? Ah well, there the problem, See?
Woman, she got no right to this world,
She made for one use. Put her in with oven
And cover her in grease. She break her body
Having child, she carry babies till her back a hump.
You say it the Twenty-first century? No matter,
She still got no choice. Only woman have baby,
And baby want Mama. Only mama nurse baby,
Only Mama know the pain. Women they go to work,
And they come home to more. Men say I lie?
Go now. Ask the Devil, he give 'em what for.


  1. This poem and "Requiem Shark" are inspired by reading the novel Wide Sargasso Sea, and researching its author, Jean Rhys.

  2. really?!? cause i LOVE this poem but wanted to beat jean rhys in the face with "wide sargasso sea" while i was attempting to read it. ugh. you are such the superior writer.

  3. gettin' better, Kim. these all have power, pain, insight. Really. And its the insight that does it.

  4. Thanks, Mittens! Al sent me a poetry exercise he received from you. I'll be trying it soon :)

  5. Leslie,
    I'm just trying to make up for always living in your Images shadow in high school. Ha ha :D

  6. please do, and just have fun with it. you can even use ten of your own words. Its a great way to get words moving in your head--surprising, what it pulls up. *g*