Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Whale "Tilikum," age 30

You jump through their hoops
and follow their cues,
You do whatever is asked of you.
Whatever else is a whale to do?

You take a different route through the pool
today, vary the tedium, vary the view.
Nobody asks if it's all the same to you.
Whatever else is a whale to do?

When the hunger struck you deep
to do a different thing, it was a scream
coming from the deepest part of your belly,
It thrashed inside you and you had to feed.

Now they will shake their heads
And wonder why, and if they should exterminate
so massive a beast, or if he should be led
to deep ocean waters and set free.

But you are not that whale,
the one who swims free. You are older now,
and the product of captivity. It has changed you,
You know it well. And yet,

The taste of her blood on your teeth
made you wonder,
Whatever else is a whale to do?

Copyright March 2010


  1. There's a dark humor there (perhaps only in my screwed up mind) that I found disturbingly amusing. I also really like the double meaning that can be read into it. Well done, you've gotten me to appreciate poetry.

  2. This is really good, very haunting; but very good.

  3. it is so smooth! I like the rhythm

  4. thanks for all the love! thomas/mollie: i'm going to assume this is a posting by thomas, since he is the one who "doesn't appreciate poetry." thomas, this isn't the first time my dark twisted poetry has gotten the thumbs up from you, lol.